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The Art of Developing and Delivering a Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

January 25th, 2011

What is it that distinguishes a run-of-the-mill wedding ceremony from one that is beautiful, romantic and meaningful which you and your family will remember for years to come?

Consider the difference between the enthusiastic but novice musical attempts of a child playing Chopsticks and the elegance of a classical song like Nocturnes written by the masterful Chopin; both are played on the piano using many of same notes but they are worlds apart in respect to their grandeur and elegance because of the craft and artistry of the master composer.

While most wedding ceremonies contain similar elements; vows, readings and unity ceremonies, the skills of an artful and gifted Officiant sets apart the weddings they develop and deliver for their clients. The Officiants of our group, Arizona Wedding Pastors, pride themselves in creating signature ceremonies that reflect the unique characteristics and values of each couple we are privileged to serve. We accomplish our craft by taking the time to facilitate an in-depth dialogue with every couple we serve and then, from that interview, we weave together the elements they choose into a memorable ceremony that we deliver with masterful timing, well developed vocalization and great passion!

Please take a few moments to read the reviews on our website to learn of the quality of our work.

The Most Important Part of Your Wedding!
There are numerous optional ingredients that could be omitted in creating your wedding but the ceremony isn’t one of them! Don’t wait to arrange the creation of the core component of your wedding. Be proactive and reserve a skilled professional.

We look forward to visiting with you in a no-obligation conversation to learn about your big day! Let us help you turn your ceremony into an occasion where “I Do” becomes “Happily Ever After”!

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