Ten Powerful Words that Could Save Your Relationship by Pastor John Schaeffel

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I love seeing wildlife. Even encountering one of Arizona’s many lizards brightens my day! Outside of my office window I have a bird feeder on metal pole that attracts finches and doves and drives my cat crazy as he longingly watches them from the window. All I have to do is buy a little bird seed and keep the feeder full and I can enjoy the pleasure of seeing these graceful creatures 365 days a year.

Just as a birdfeeder requires maintenance so do the relationships we have with people. Our spouses, family members and friends expect that we will care enough about them to bring our best to our time together. Unfortunately, we live in an intensely fast-moving, high-pressure, sensory-overload culture that frequently distracts our attention and often depletes our emotional reserves. If we aren’t intentional about giving priority to maintaining our relationships we’ll find ourselves drifting away from those who we care most about.
The other day I came across a booklet called Standing Together that contains 10 words that can powerfully impact your ability to maintain vital, life-giving relationship with those you love.

“It’s been said 10 words will protect a marriage. They are: I was wrong. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I love you. These 10 words may restore your marriage (or other relationships). Is it time you ask your spouse (friend, child, parent, fiancé) for forgiveness? Is it time to rekindle your love?”

If you’re at an impasse in your relationship please know you don’t have to face it alone. There are skilled individuals who can help you work through the problems you’re facing and equip you with the tools to enjoy a life-long love!

If you’re planning to get married or if you’re married and struggling to get along please consider investing in your relationship by meeting with a qualified counselor. In my work with receptive couples I use the highly regarded Prepare/Enrich®resources to help them overcome challenges and enjoy a satisfying marriage. Learn more at our website www.azweddingpastors.com

Standing Together: Help For Strengthening Your Marriage, Copyright 2000, a booklet in the Tapestry Series, IBS Publishing, IBSDirect.com



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